Local government elections matter! They are your opportunity to make change in your community.

The people elected will be representing you, your whanau, your hapu, your town, your rohe. So the question you need to ask yourself is – Are they the best person to develop and nurture your community?

Elected members are accountable to every person who votes. So when you vote you’re being accountable for what happens in your community.

If you feel your community gets passed over for things it needs, then it’s time to speak up.
Your vote is your voice. So, when you vote you are telling elected members how you feel about issues important to you.

Read Council’s Pre-election Report. The report will give you information about what Council has planned up until 2022.

It’s your future – are you prepared to leave that to chance?

How many votes are in?

View the PDF below to see the current voting paper return rate by ward for the 2019 local body elections.

Can I vote?

To vote in the 2019 Election you need to be enrolled to vote by Friday 11 October 2019, the day before Election Day which is Saturday 12 October 2019.

Do you tick these boxes?

  • I’ll be 18 years or older on Election Day (12 October).
  • I’m a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • I’ve lived in New Zealand for at least one year continuously at some point.
  • I live or own property in Waikato District.

Then you’re eligible to enrol and vote!

If you’re enrolled to vote and you haven’t received your voting papers call  0800 922 822.

Enrolling to vote? Here’s what you need to know

If you live in Waikato District, visit Vote NZ to enrol and for more information, to check you’re enrolled or to update your details with the Electoral Commission.

Own property but live outside of Waikato District? Have your say by registering as a ratepayer elector.

You have until Friday 11 October 2019 to enrol.

Check out our FAQs for everything you need to know about voting and the elections.

I’ve got my voting papers, what do I do now?

Here’s when you decide who to give your votes to.

Everyone gets a vote on who will be the Mayor and depending on where you live, you’ll vote for one or two Councillors to represent you, and six Community Board members to represent your local area.

Your ward will be shown on your voting documents. The voting system Waikato District Council uses lets you tick the names of the candidates you want to vote for. The candidates with the most votes are elected to Council.

To return your voting papers in time to be counted, you’ll need to get them in the post by Tuesday, 8 October. After that date, you can drop them off at one of the Council offices (see list below) until 12pm on Saturday 12 October.

We’ll also be running drop-in, drive-through and mobile voting stations for a quick and easy way to deliver your papers. Follow Waikato District Council on Facebook to find out when these are happening.

Where to drop off your voting packs


142 Main Street Huntly


15 Galileo Street, Ngaruawahia


7 Bow Street, Raglan

Te Kauwhata

1 Main Road, Te Kauwhata


2 Dominion Road, Tuakau

You can also drop your voting documents at one of the mobile or drive-thru locations listed here.

If you haven’t received your voting pack you may not be enrolled. This means you’ll need to do a special vote. Collect your special voting paper from one of the Council offices listed above, or call 0800 922 822.

If you need a hand to complete your voting papers, we’ve got people who can help. Drop in to one of our Council offices anytime during the voting period, email or come to one of the weekend drop-in sessions. Check out Facebook for more info.

We’ll also be tracking the daily voting returns – you can check these out here.

Special votes

Special votes are available to electors:

  • whose names do not appear on the final electoral roll, but who qualify as electors
  • who do not receive a voting pack that has been posted to them
  • who spoil or damage a voting pack that has been posted to them.

Special votes are available from Friday 20 September 2019 to noon, Saturday 12 October 2019 from:

  • the Council offices listed above; or
  • by telephoning the electoral office on 0800 922 822.

Special votes require the completion of a statutory declaration. This is a legal requirement and a protection for electors against possible duplicate voting.

Ward Map

If you don’t know what ward you live in or how many Councillors you can vote for, find out using our ward map.

Governance structure

Not sure how all the different roles of Council fit together? Find out using our governance structure graphic.

Community boards overview

There are five Community Boards in the Waikato District. Use our Community Board Map to find where these are located.