Raglan Community Board
Electing 6 Board Members

AMOORE, Dennis

My principal place of residence is in the Raglan Community Board area. I am also standing for Raglan Ward.

The community board must be empowered by council to carry out tasks with in its competencies while at same time act as the voice of the communities back to council.

The community board must have a strong cohesive relationship with WDC, while showing leadership for its own projects like Raglan naturally. It must listen to and represent all communities within the area and must be inclusive, not chase individual issues.

My priorities are to foster community ownership of small projects, minimise rates increases, review benefits of contracting services, at same time ensuring our elderly our youth and local iwi are heard and catered for in our community.

My previous experience as project director and general manager give me the skills to assist the community board to challenge council on some of these issues while working to execute what we can locally..

BAINS, Satnam

My principal place of residence is in the Raglan Community Board area.

Born & Raised in New Zealand, I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting.

After graduating I realised I needed to be among the business community and hub of commerce. I started my own business at the age of 18 and 6 years later purchased Raglan Four Square.

My wife and young son find the change from Auckland to Raglan refreshing and enjoy living in what we consider a safer and friendlier community. It’s for this reason I would like to join the Raglan Community board. I would like to see my family and every family succeed in a warm friendly and secure community such as Raglan.

I feel I can bring to the board not only business acumen but also a family perspective of how I would like the Raglan area to keep evolving. A safe, clean, environmentally aware and progressive community with a diverse culture and sensitivity.

CULLEY, Marcus

My principal place of residence is in the Raglan Community Board area.

Kia ora, if you elect me to the Raglan Community Board I will be contactable, responsive and alongside. I’m a local with out of town experience supporting common sense decisions that enable livelihoods and keep costs affordable. Like many of you I see Raglan changing. Whilst optimistic given opportunities associated with growth we must protect vulnerable community members, the towns unique character and our environment. I returned with my partner to Raglan in 2016 after 15 years of mahi as a Principal Security Adviser with the UN, headquartered out of New York but field based managing risk in multiple emegency countries in Africa and Asia. Prior to this I was an Army Officer. We have a small business and I’m very fortunate that my prinicipal place of residence falls within the Raglan Community Board area on a native block overlooking Takapanui Creek. I’m 50 and have two grown up children.


My principal place of residence is in the Raglan Community Board area.

The critical issue facing our Community Board remains prudent use of ratepayer’s funds while balancing the requirements of a vibrant growing community with necessary infrastructure and services.

In my last 3 years of chairing Raglan Community Board, I’ve attended most Committee meetings in Ngäruawähia, thus improving liaison with decision makers to give Raglan’s point of view. More often now we’re told the full story, in a transparent way, and I follow up when that doesn’t happen.

The Board has become more effective in getting issues important to Raglan reported to Council, with strong support from our Councillor. Successes include sewage leaks are no longer regularly in the headlines and the Raglan Naturally community plan has been revived and given unique recognition by Council’s Blueprint Plan.

I’m aiming for more local decision making as to what’s best for Raglan, and getting Council to give Raglan ratepayers better value for our bucks.


My principal place of residence is in the Raglan Community Board area.

It has been a privilege to be a member of the Raglan Community Board over the past three years. I have been able to interact with many passionate Raglinites living in Whaingaroa and the surrounding communities.

I supported the development of our 3P’s messaging in response to the challenges with the sewerage overflows to the harbor during our critical Easter holiday period. This included fronting informative sessions at the creative market; engaging with the community to create a positive and sustainable solution.

While serving on the community board, I have led the infrastructure focus group, Raglan Natural being a part of the team creating our community plan. This has been an outstanding success.

My goal for the next term is to put our plan into action, realising the Raglan Natural projects, securing funding, and lifting the governance of our council to ensuring community needs are met while reducing rates.

PARSON, Gabrielle

My principal place of residence is in the Raglan Community Board area.

Kia ora Whaingaroa Community, These first 3 years on the board have been about learning and building relationships! I am keen to stand for another 3 years to build on this and to continue working proactively for the community and natural environment.

Also over the last 2 years I have been privileged to be project coordinator of Raglan Naturally – where we have been creating our community plan. This has been an awesome project to work on, forming relationships alongside many community members, hearing what is important, your concerns, your aspirations and what is of value to you.

I am passionate about a community which is caring and equitable and where learning together, growth and relationships are the most important thing. We can work together to face the challenges of our future, including climate change and the growth of our small town – and the pressures and opportunities that come with these.


My principal place of residence is in the Raglan Community Board area.

I think we all agree Whaingaroa/Raglan is an exceptional place, the outstanding natural beauty is complimented by the passionate community spirit. I moved back home to NZ and settled in Whaingaroa in 2011, and started the Raglan Farmshouse at Te Whare Farm.

I am passionate about protecting the environment, and it breaks my heart when the waste water system overflows into our harbor, I am apalled at the way in which the Waikato District Council handles these problems. I am committed to representing our community and pushing the WDC to investigate and implement new land based treatment options, so we can stop putting wastewater into our ocean and harbor. Raglan faces a number of challenges as tourist numbers increase, we need to protect our special slice of paradise, providing affordable accommodation for workers and developing new jobs beyond the tourist sector for our community to thrive.

Chris Rayner

VINK, Alan

My principal place of residence is in the Raglan Community Board area.

Hi, I’m Alan Vink and I have been on the Community Board for three terms, two years as chairperson. I am standing again. Why? There’s a lot to do right now and after nine years I have figured out how to get results a more effectively and efficiently. Things in my opinion that need to be sorted are: Manu Bay Break Wall, Climate Change Issues, Land for Social Housing, Long term funding for Council, and the implementation of our community plan.

As Raglan is now a sort after tourist destination we have some challenging issues to face like: Infra-structure at peak times, Parking, Boat Ramps, and Trading on the beach. Finally, I have become a strong advocate for WDC (and all Council’s) to improve on there processes so that every rating dollar gets better distance.

I have time and energy to continue to deliver good outcomes for Raglan.

alan.vink1@gmail.com 021562743