Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board
Electing 6 Board Members

CONROY, Caroline

My principal place of residence is not in the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board area.

Resident of Glen Murray I live on a large lifestyle block with my partner. I am a current Onewhero-Tuakau community board member and in my work-life I have a leadership role within the midwifery profession. With some Board members retiring this election there is a need for experienced Community Board members. The next three years needs a strong Community Board to ensure urban growth is well planned, elite soils are protected, the needs of the rural community are supported, local jobs are created and roads and parks are well maintained. With 15 years experience in elected local council roles I bring a range of experience particularly in public transport initiatives and support for improvements in rail services. A strong advocate for local representation I supported the retention of this community board in the representation review and believe that more decision making should be delegated to community boards and local communities.


My principal place of residence is in the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board area.

I am Shaun Jackson, a born and bred Tuakau, Onewhero resident wishing to represent our community again on the OTCB.

In the last three years as Deputy Chairperson I have learnt a lot about our community, peoples aspirations and the great work already in action to improve and support our people. My special interest is improving our sports and recreational facilities for all to enjoy, As the Chair of the Tuakau Combined Sports Society I strive to support strong communication and excellent facilities for our sports teams and community groups, working alongside Council to continually improve facilities on the Dr John Lightbody reserve.

As a Resident, Business Owner, Parent and Husband, Im dedicated to continuous improvement and the positive development of our town and facilities. I will continue to work to achieve positive outcomes while working with the different groups and people who call our area home.

LOVATT, Jonathan

My principal place of residence is in the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board area.

Our community needs to have their voice heard with council and my aim is to represent this community and the collective perspective. I have a desire to see the local and surrounding areas develop positively, whilst embracing the roots, the ongoing growth and diversity we are experiencing.

I have been part of the Onewhero community for almost 20 years, in that time I have spent 10 years on our local school BOT and more recently become involved with OSPA Theatre. I am keen to take my community involvement to another level.

I have come from a corporate environment and wish to use the skills I have gained to give back to the community. I run a homebased consultancy business which allows for time flexibility to be involved where needed.


My principal place of residence is not in the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board area.

My wife and I have a family of 4 children. My family are long-standing residents within Mercer and the district. I have an aviation background with military training. I have been fortunate enough to gain different skills and abilities which has been successful through different leadership roles. From being involved with the Mercer Community Committee and Mercer School I have worked on various projects through to completion. I am always seeking the opportunity to assist communities where possible. The existing values and ethics I abide by, will be the same approach I intend to exercise within the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board.



My principal place of residence is not in the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board area.

I am a passionate community person, active in promoting connections in the community and to giving a voice to community aspirations. I have previously held roles outside of Waikato in the capacity of Board of Trustees for High Schools and Treasurer for Youthline Manawatu.

I have lived in the Waikato area for 3 years, and now feel that the time is right to become involved at a formal level for the community. I will act as an advocate for our community to get the best support from our council for local facilities, parks and streets, road and line-marking improvements, and community safety initiatives. All of these priorities need to be balanced, and the community kept well informed on the use of council spending, ensuring that the funds are allocated appropriately and within budget.



My principal place of residence is in the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board area. I am also standing for Awaroa ki Tuakau Ward.

Do you feel our community board is lacking cultural aspect or diversity. Do you think its time to change. Let me be the voice and difference for you.

Ko Tainui te waka ko Waikato te awa Ko Waikato te iwi Ko te Puaha o Waikato te rohe.

Im Kandi Ngataki proactive and I bring a new energy, fresh ideas and a strong voice to represent our community as one Kotahitanga. Im local and a mother of 4 children. I have various roles within the sporting, education, business community wide sector. Passionate about listening to the needs and wants of the people and representing their view. As a candidate I will serve to make positive changes contributions for our community to grow and prosper for all to enjoy and for future generations.

He aha te mea nui he tangata

What is the most important thing the people


My principal place of residence is in the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board area.

I am a long time resident of Tuakau – married to soul mate Vicky – with both my children living overseas. My real estate business is based here in Tuakau – my greatest satisfaction is helping local residents move onto the property ladder from rentals. My business career has always been in sales and I enjoy the skill of connecting and having rapport with people. I have a spirited endorsement for my home town of Tuakau and that of the growing Northern Waikato region. I am community minded and involved in local organisations such as our Community Board, as a Rotarian and as a trustee of our Emergency Services Centre and shared management of Madill House. The current Board has made achievements; my own work not yet completed on projects that I work alongside Council staff with ie Placemaking – the town and area CCTV and seeing community organisation bond together for strength.

Watson, Bronwyn

My principal place of residence is in the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board area.

I decided to restand for the O.T.C.B. Having lived here for 39 years, seeing my family grow, then become Nana B to my Grandchildren. Family moved away, but I carried on involved in a lot of groups both young and old.

Being on the Community Board past 15 yrs I’ve seen Tuakau become the Northernest Town in the Waikato District. We are a unique and culturally diverse Town and Country Area. Our Board meets monthly between Tuakau (Town Hall) Waikaretu Cafe, Port Waikato, Glen Murray, Onewhero. We work with people, groups, businesses to get out comes, where applicable with Council & Staff. Tuakau will increase its population from house and Business Developments. Our library becoming multifunctional.

Future needs: Swimming Pool – Altered, covered, heated, cost effective; Transport – Train Station, Buses, Taxi’s; Recreational – Cycle ways – BMX/Walking/Horse trails Green spaces, Reserves; Multi purpose Building – Sports/Clubs/Offices etc.