19 July 2019 Nominations open.
16 July 2019 Candidate Information Evening at 5:30pm in Pokeno Hall, 19 Market St, Pokeno.
17 July 2019 Candidate Information Evening at 5:30pm in Council Chambers.
16 August 2019 Nominations close (12 noon) and Electoral rolls close (close of business).
21 August 2019 Public notice of day of election, candidates’ names and other information.
20 – 25 September 2019 Delivery of voting documents.
20 September to 12 October 2019 Progressive roll scrutiny.

Special voting period.

Early processing period.

12 October 2019

(voting closes at noon)

Election Day

Progress and preliminary results announced.

17 – 23 October 2019 Declaration/Public notice of results.
17 – 23 October 2016 Elected candidates come into office (Mayor, Councillors and Community Board members).
Mid December 2019 Return of election donations and expense forms.

Ward Map

If you don’t know what ward you live in or how many Councillors you can vote for, find out using our ward map.

Governance structure

Not sure how all the different roles of Council fit together? Find out using our governance structure graphic.

Community boards overview

There are five Community Boards in the Waikato District. Use our Community Board Map to find where these are located.