Candidate Information Requests

Any information requests made to Waikato District Council by Candidates running for the 2019 Waikato District Election will be published below; and will include the request, date of request and response from Waikato District Council.

Information Requests

19/07/19 Information about job requests and response times
What are the targeted response times?
  • Attached is a copy of the current Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) Category Targets.
  • Response times vary depending on category. Some have targets to respond, assess and complete work. Some have targets to respond, assess and then set a further target for completion dependent on when it can be programmed. Some will be closed when programmed and the customer has been advised (if requested), others will be closed when complete.
  • Monitoring frequency of CRM Category Targets will vary between teams across Council.
  • CRM Category Targets are monitored weekly in the Roading Team.

Are all service requests in the data provided?

  • Staff confirmed that a CRM would not be raised for a playground upgrade/renewal request, as this forms part of the Long Term Plan (“LTP”) process.
  • This particular query would be referred to Megan who would coach the customer through the LTP process, and direct them back to the appropriate Community Board to feed into the LTP process.
  • The LTP covers a 10 year span, and is reviewed every three years. The District Plan covers a 30 year span and is reviewed every 10 years. There is a district wide Playground Strategy, and Asset Management Plans in place for each playground which include dates for equipment replacement. Council has some flexibility in programming renewals, so it can ensure that all playgrounds are fit for purpose (i.e. some may come forward due to deterioration or vandalism).
  • Council’s financial year is 01 July – 30 June. We have just completed Year 1 of the current LTP and are now 12 days into Year 2. The LTP review process will start soon.

What are the acceptable communication rates?

  • All CRM’s are allocated a CRM number, and the customer is provided with the CRM number if they request it.
  • All CRMs are captured in the same system regardless of whether they are received online, by phone, by email or in person. The customer can indicate their preferred method of contact (i.e. phone, email or not at all) when lodging a request online.
  • CRM call back expectations are discussed heavily at a team level in Community Connections, and a specific CRM Call Back KPI has been set through the Team Planning process.
  • Roading have specific CRM Call Back requirements in place with Waikato District Alliance. Roading are looking at adding a new person into the CRM process to provide more oversight. There are four Area Inspectors who are proactively reviewing what needs doing across the district. Roading receive approximately 4,000 CRMs per annum. Ross estimates that 5% would be escalated to him. These are captured in our Promapp Complaint process and Ross records when he has been unable to contact a customer and has left a message.
  • Staff confirmed audit processes are in place, which target specific processes across the organisation. There is a dedicated Customer Experience Manager responsible for looking at how we can improve customer experience using continuous improvement methodology. Training for staff is in place, and there are multiple projects across Council aimed at improving customer experience.
  • When works are programmed, staff access a comprehensive Roading Faults database to look up historic faults on the network and prioritise works accordingly.
  • Staff advised that there could be delays if the damaged assets or decorative items (for lighting activities) required specialized parts, or the parts were old.
  • Other examples of delays might be when an asset sits with the Reserves Team vs the Roading Team (i.e. Lake Puketirini), or damaged assets are part funded by the Community (i.e. pedestrian lighting).
  • Council are at the start of its Livable, Thriving and Connected Communities journey, which includes programme of works for continuous improvement and new ways to engage with our communities.


19/07/19 What plans are in place for Mercer, the timings of these plans and which department/person is leading each project?

Attached is a list of Long Term Plan projects proposed across the district (including Mercer) and a more detailed breakdown of projects for Pokeno and Tuakau.

A list of who is working on each project has not been finalised. Ask the manager of the specific project you are interested in (refer to the first column of the District Wide Project list spreadsheet). Please note some projects are not yet active so no particular staff member will be assigned to it yet.




19/07/19 What scheduling is there around playground projects in Te Kauwhata in the next two years?
There is approximately $60K to install playground equipment for teenagers in the 2020/21 financial year.
25/07/19 What is being done about speed limits in Te Uku?
  1. Speed limits on state highways are managed by NZTA by delegation, but undertake consultation as part of their process
  2. Waikato District Council manage speed limits on its roads by Bylaw

These are very different processes but both take approximately 12 months to complete.

WDC are in year 3 of speed limit changes of a 3 year programme, this year includes Raglan:

Work is being done with business owners to work through options to assist safety in this area. Sealing in the vicinity has been undertaken to improve the sealed area by the business owners.

NZTA are in the process of going out to consultation on SH23, SH39 and SH21 as part of their process. Te Uku is on SH23 and speed limit changes managed by NZTA, we are making changes on our roads to support their changes on state highways

02/08/19 Update

Raglan Roast have agreed to angle parking markings to assist with customer parking at Raglan Roast which will go some way to alleviate congestion issues and discourage wayward parking arrangements.

Early engagement for NZTA’s speed limit review starts in September and ends in October, which will be followed soon after by consultation.

26/07/19 When did free access to Auckland libraries stop? What would be the cost of reinstating it for northern ratepayers in a targeted area??

In answer to questions raised about library access, here’s the info direct from Waikato District Council’s General Meeting:

Yes – if you were an existing member of the Auckland library service, then you would continue to have access to Auckland libraries.

The arrangement that Waikato District has had with Auckland City for free access to their libraries was established in 2010 and was a temporary agreement.  This was in recognition of the rates contributions that ex Franklin ratepayers made to operating costs of those libraries.

That agreement expired in November 2018.

Our council made a decision to continue to fund memberships for existing Auckland council library members for an additional 12 months at a cost of $90,000 p/a.

This will be reviewed annually and prior to any changes in this agreement, Waikato District will inform anyone affected. There is no plan to cease this agreement at present.

Please note that as a resident of the Waikato District you have free access to our libraries – we have libraries in Te Kauwhata, Meremere and Tuakau. Also Huntly, Ngaruawahia and Raglan.  Work is currently underway building a new library in Meremere and work will be commencing in the near future on a substantial upgrade to the Tuakau library.

29/07/19 Rateable properties within the Pokeno area? A map of the targeted rate area for Pokeno hall and its Gross income from this? Projected homes going into Pokeno in the next three to five years?

As there is no Pokeno Ward, there are 1408 properties within the Pokeno Hall boundary. With 6198 Rateable properties in Tuakau Ward with 5321 rateable buildings in the Pokeno Hall Map. The gross income of the Pokeno hall from the targeted rate is $32,384.00 including GST.


The Population Medium Projections for Pokeno are:










29/07/19 What is planned for the BP complex on Gordonton Road, Taupiri, including the access to it?
Access to the development is a leg off the roundabout on SH1 with the road being controlled by the New Zealand Transport Agency. The application that was subject for this proposal was submitted with a Traffic Impact Assessment prepared by BBO, which was peer reviewed for Council by Gray Matter Ltd. The NZTA were consulted through the consent process and held no concerns with the proposed access. On this basis, the application was approved.
30/07/19 To be sent the Candidate Information Evening Powerpoint
06/08/19 Confirmation about the re-licensing of the Huntly Tavern and Funtion Centre

The proposed hours of operation in the Huntly Tavern and Function Centre’s application complies with the sale of liquor rules in the Operative District Plan.

As there was no change of use proposed for the premises, no further assessment was required of any other rules in the Operative District Plan prior to the issue of the Sale of Liquor Certificate.

06/08/19 When was resource consent for Waikato Cheery Tree Festival lodged and when will it be determined to be non, limited or a fully notified process?

Council received an application Friday 26/7/19 by: Paul Oulton/NZ Trustee Services Ltd for a Waikato Cherry Tree Festival.

The application has been accepted under s88 RMA for processing.

It is currently being reviewed in detail and a request further information is likely to be issued later this week.

Council will not make a decision on affected persons and notification until it has received all further information required.

Staff met with the applicant Friday 2 August and advised of these steps and requirements.

Staff plan to visit the site this Friday 9 August which is a standard step at this early stage in the process.

07/08/19 Kariaotahi Hall post elections due to the amalgamation

Subject to official confirmation, Kariaotahi Hall will be paid a top up by WDC to make up for the  loss of targeted rates since amalgamation. This should continue until the boundaries decision – or another solution  –  is made.

Aka Aka, Otaua and Kariaotahi halls have suggested the most logical boundaries for each hall. These suggestions will be considered next year as part of a larger process.

08/08/19 Updated maps of the Awaroa ki Tuakau ward and the Onewhero Tuakau Community Board and their boundaries.
14/08/19 Use of URL's in profile statement? Formatting of Statement
Website and Facebook URL’s can be included in the profile statement and will be counted towards the 150 word limit. The statement won’t have any special formatting, so no dashes/bullet points etc should be included.
14/08/19 Duty Building Inspector hours to be updated to all day

The current availability of our duty staff is determined by the budget available – it is a balance between the staff working on uninterrupted revenue recovering activity in the consenting areas and duty roster work which is non recoverable.  There would be significant cost involved to offer an 8 to 5 service.

We will start work on making Duty Building Inspector hours more prominent on our website.

15/08/19 When do Local Body Election signs have to be removed?
The local electoral legislation does not set out requirements as to when election signs can be erected and removed – this is usually governed by each council via bylaws or provisions in the District Plan.  For the Waikato District Council, the provisions in the Public Places Bylaw in relation to election signage applies to Council property, reserves and public places only.  As such, there are no enforceable restrictions on when election signs must be removed from private property in relation to the 2019 local authority elections.
19/08/19 "Rural Solid Waste Charge" for Pokeno and Tuakau which are urban?

This description is for the refuse charge and due to the changes from the rapid growth in the ex-Franklin district.

We will look into updating it to a better description, however, the charge is still the same.

20/08/19 Number of carparks on Wellington St in Pokeno?

Monday 26 August is the supermarket hearing and all submitters will have received a copy of the staff report which includes details on the number and location of parking spaces.

There are plans to create additional car-parking spaces on Wellington St (west of Great South Road) which are not part of the supermarket development, however these details are still under negotiation.

20/08/19 What the process is to seek Council's permission to have election signs up on public reserves or property?
In the NZTA Guidelines it states that signs must be located at least 200m from intersections.
21/08/19 Boat ramp updates in Port Waikato - cost, remainder budget, status of boat ramps, public consultation and community board consultation

This was reported in the Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board report dated 16 May 2019 – Actions from meeting of OTCB on Monday 4th March 2019, Tuakau. Item 5:

4.3.19: Port Waikato Wharf had a budget in 2015 – boat ramp renewal – is it still in the LTP – where and how much if not where has it gone as was promised.

Correction and confirmation that there is a budget of $15,000.00 (not $150.00) for the wharf.

The budget is $150,000 for the boat ramp – ownership of the actual wharf still debateable as to whether it is WDC or WRC.

In the previous Long Term Plan, it was signalled that there would be a large sum of money allocated to Port Waikato Boat Ramp. In 2016/17, Council contracted Bloxam Burnett and Olliver to complete a Boat Ramp Assets Feasibility Study. During this study, all boat ramps throughout the district were assessed and a programme of work for all boat ramps was produced. The outcome of this was that the boat ramp at Port Waikato did not require as much work as initially anticipated.

In addition to this, a large majority of budgets were grouped together to fund district wide projects. This allows staff to work “overs and unders” on project costs more efficiently to deliver on more projects.

The feasibility study is available if it is of interest but as it is 194 pages, it is not attached to this report. Please contact Megan May if you would like a copy.

In the BBO Boat Ramp Assets Feasibility Study referred to above, the Les Batkin Ramps had the following comment from page 45:

  • Les Batkin Reserve Ramps

While the primary ramp is large and in good condition, usage can become very busy

and spills over to the secondary/old ramp, particularly for jet skis. The secondary

ramp is in poor condition with undermining, end breakage, surface cracking and

deposition occurring. It is recommended that this ramp is programmed for

repair/upgrade in the near future.

As reported in the Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday 28 May 2019 regarding the repair of the secondary ramp at Les Batkin Reserve:

Les Batkin Ramp

The works are now complete.


23/08/19 Can residents and ratepayers repay their Phase 3 loan that is paid on their rates with interest (early)? If they can, is there any disadvantage or costs to do so? What is the interest rate charged? Over 10 year period of repayment, how much interest is paid?

Yes, ratepayers can repay the full outstanding balance on their capital works loan. We send out declarations in May each year asking ratepayers to advise whether they want to continue with the annual repayments or to repay the balance of their loan as a lump sum. If they choose to pay the lump sum, the outstanding balance is included in their next rates assessment and the payment is spread over the three installments.

There is no disadvantage to the ratepayer.

There is no cost to do so.

The interest rate charge is currently 4.49% p.a.

As an example, the last Pokeno capital works programme was at a cost of $13,160 to the ratepayer. The interest cost over the ten years with the current rate as quoted above is $2,726.58.

26/08/19 Information on the recent maintenance undertaken at Henderson Avenue in Tuakau.

1) How many toilet seat repairs were undertaken? Multiple jobs.

Council have been charged for the supply and fitting of 1 x toilet seat including 1x travel cost of $31.2. We were aware of the issue, we made sure that we were only getting charged for the one service.

2) The gutter was cleaned by one person only for them to return with another to do the roof, why not one trip?

Green Agenda were contracted to clean the gutters and chemically clean the roof area, I’m unsure whether the contractor has individual staff to undertake the two tasks.

3) Wall repairs done inside & paint not matched or redone.

Council will have this rectified at no addition cost.

4) Why do contractors come from Hamilton? Also why so often with mistakes?
No follow up on jobs competed by council.

Under the terms of our contract with Cushman and Wakefield , there is a set charge for travel of $31 per site visit,  irrespective of whether the tradespeople are based in Auckland or Hamilton .

26/08/19 Mercer Boat Ramp upgrades?

As reported in the May 2019 Service Delivery Report, minor repairs to the Mercer Boat ramp were carried out by Council during a period of low river levels. This is the extent of the works proposed by Council at this stage, until the results of any applications for changes to the ramp by Tata Developments is clear.

Tata Developments will need to engage with the community directly regarding consultation for changes they propose for the Mercer ramp.

26/08/19 Elbow Ramp Reserve Consultant evaluation Northwest Waikato

The local residents & users of the Elbow & the Northwest Waikato Community Committee wish to have a workshop with whomever is doing the work in this space – at the scoping & development stage.

Can u please advise whom, when and how we can arrrange this community & stakeholder input please?

Community Projects are in touch with Kay Vincent, treasurer of the North West Waikato Group. Kay is compiling a list of interested parties who have indicated they wish to engage in the consultation around the Elbow Boat Ramp project. I will ensure that Tony Volz is on the list and that all are invited to participate.

Trevor Ranga, a recent addition in the Community Projects team as Project Manager will be undertaking this work and is liaising with the North West Waikato Group and other interested parties, organising an initial meeting at a local venue in the next month or so.

26/08/19 General statement of authorisation on Facebook
Having conferred with our Electoral Officer, one authorisation statement clearly on your Facebook page is sufficient.
23/08/19 Licence, parking and gambling permissions in the conversion of Huntly Workingman's Club into a Tavern & Function Centre

The new owners applied for an alcohol Licence (under the sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012)  for the Tavern and function centre in March 2019  and the Licence was issued on 16 July 2019 by the DLC.  As part of the licencing process a planning certificate was received from the consents team indicating that there was no problem with the establishment of a licensed premises at the location.

The proposed hours of operation in the application complies with the sale of liquor rules in the Operative District Plan. As there was no change of use proposed for the premises, no further assessment was required of any other rules in the Operative District Plan prior to the issue of the Sale of Liquor Certificate.

While it is a busy part of town, there are numerous streets available for parking in the area in addition to the Taverns own parking spaces. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) have confirmed that in accordance with legislation, relating to gambling machines, a new operator can apply to the DIA for the licence to operate the gambling machines as long as it is within 6 months of the previous operation ceasing, which has been done in this case. The machines must be kept at the same location (unless merging) and must not exceed the previously agreed number.

The details of the Huntly Workingmen’s Club closure and subsequent change of operator and DLC license does not change this situation under the legislation they are responsible for.  At this stage the DIA have not confirmed that a licence will be granted but it is likely.

10/09/19 Wastewater rates for retirement homes?

Council’s wide wastewater targeted rate this year is $1,041.70. Available but not connected is $520.85. Residential properties pay per Separately Used or Inhabit Part (SUIP) with no “discount” applied.

For commercial properties with more than one pan such as motels, the rate for the third and each subsequent pan is $520.85. For retirement villages the rate for the third and each subsequent pan is $208.34.

12/09/19 RAMPS Port Waikato LTP15 Renewal planned 2016-2018 also Port Waikato Wharf

The $500,000 budget was indicated within the later years in the last LTP 2015 – 2018 (not within the first three years) and therefore the changes to the budget were consulted with the community through the current LTP process.

All of the boat ramps are included in the feasibility study.

The ownership of the jetty at Port Waikato has been confirmed as WDC. Investigation into any ongoing maintenance planned will continue but that budget would be absorbed in current operational budgets. If major capital work is required it would need to be identified and consulted through the next LTP.

13/09/19 Huntly Community Centre

The Pre-Election report mentions $3000,000 a year over the next three years being used to upgrade the Huntly Community Centre, which community centre is being referred to?

Regarding the Huntly Community Centre funding in the Pre-election Report, this was originally for the repair or replacement of the Huntly War Memorial Hall. With the decision to retain the hall and the community volunteers carrying out the upgrade work, the majority of this funding will not be needed for that purpose. The upcoming LTP process will identify how the remaining funds are reallocated in Huntly.

22/09/19 Special votes and non-resident ratepayer votes

What is the process for people who own land in the ward, and how do they cast their vote? (They don’t live in the ward but either own a home and or pay rates on a property or land block).

People who are the registered ratepayers for a property, but don’t live in the ward, may be able to vote as a non-resident ratepayer.  If they enrolled before 16 August, they’ll get voting papers like resident voters.  If they haven’t enrolled yet, they can do so by downloading an enrolment form here. Alternatively, they can ring Election Services (0800 922 822) to get one posted out.

Once completed the enrolment form needs to be sent to Election Services before 4pm, Friday 11 October 2019.  They can then cast a special vote (either picking one up from the Council offices or phoning Election Services on 0800 922 822) – same rules apply for getting special votes back (i.e. need to be with the Electoral Officer or dropped off at one of our offices by 12 noon on Saturday 12 October 2019 at the latest).

Only one person can vote on behalf of the relevant property (if there are 2 registered owners of the property, they have to choose who will vote as the non-resident ratepayer).  A non-resident ratepayer may not be able to vote for all the issues on the voting paper.  For example, If they reside somewhere within the Waikato Region, they would cast their vote for the Regional Council for the property they live at –  they don’t get two votes for the same issue.

Where have WDC set up voting booths? Will there be voting booths other than postal boxes?

We have ballot boxes at our 5 offices where votes can be dropped off between now and noon, 12 October.  In addition, there will be mobile voting boxes going around the district next week and the week after – the schedule of these will be on the Vote Waikato website this week.  We’ll also have a couple of ‘drop in’ sessions at the Tuakau and Ngaruawahia libraries in the coming weekends – again, we’ll have this advertised on our Facebook and Vote Waikato pages this week.  Totally appreciate that postal voting becoming more difficult as NZ post cuts back their receptacles.

Do special votes need to be cast at WDC?

No – special votes can be obtained from one of the WDC offices or posted out. The special vote comprises the usual voting paper, together with a declaration that the voter needs to complete and have witnessed.  It is best that the witness is someone who knows the voter, though one of our electoral officials can witness the completed declaration form if photo ID is provided.

There is no requirement that a WDC electoral officer reviews/checks a special vote – this will be done by the Electoral Officer after election day. The completed declaration form and voting paper can then be posted back or dropped off in one of the ballot boxes at WDC offices –  like any other vote.  After Tuesday 8 October, it is strongly recommended all votes (special or ordinary) are returned to one of the WDC ballot boxes otherwise it’s unlikely they’ll be received by our Electoral Officer in time.

If you think you might be eligible for a special vote, more info can be found in the FAQ section.

03/10/19 List of liquor license holders

Could you provide a list of liquor license holders (on and off licenses). Special events licenses are not requested, only those for public selling and consumption. 

The document below lists all liquor license holders (on and off licenses) including those in the Huntly area which are highlighted in orange.

Click here to view the list


Official Information Reports IRBA 2010 and IRBA 2015

Could you provide the two reports IRBA 2010 and IRBA 2015

The two reports are listed below, click the name to view a PDF of the report

Huntly East subsidence – Levelling Survey – April 2010 (IRBA 2010)

Huntly East Subsidence Final-March 9 2015 (IRBA 2015)


2/10/19 Raglan Christmas in the park - reserve application

Request for Raglan Christmas in the Park event

The event has been processed internally by council and has triggered a consent rule breach. Events can’t take place on Sundays after 6pm, as the event is set to take place on a Sunday it will need to go through the consents process. Rules allow events until 10pm on Saturday so if the day of the event was changed it would be within the allowed time.


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