Electing the Mayor

HAWKINS, Korikori


My principal place of residence is in the Waikato District Council area.

I believe I have the skills and experience to lead council vision in collaboration with community and key stakeholder groups. That is, to create thriving, connected and live-able communities. My professional background is counselling, advocacy, mediation, education, health, social services and project management. I come from a working class family, local, born and bred, seventh generation, Waikato Tainui. I own a family business in Ngaruawahia where I live with my husband Michael and my sister Rongo Kirkwood. I stand for Safer communities: where people can go about their daily lives without fear, intimidation or harm in their hometowns; Economic growth: through tourism ventures showcasing our history, cultural heritage and natural resources; Breaking down barriers: to better ensure community participation especially for youth and Maori. Your vote is important to me. I will represent you and our council with the highest of integrity and grace as your mayor.



My principal place of residence is in the Waikato District Council area.

I am seeking your support for re-election as Mayor of Waikato District.

I bring 18 years experience to the table, the past nine years as your Mayor. My door has always been open to anyone to talk through issues. When it comes to decision-making, I use experience and common sense. My wife Trisha and I love this district. We are the third generation of my family to farm near Huntly.

For the past nine years I’ve worked hard with colleagues, Iwi, the business community and others to develop and promote jobs, economic development and provide positive, practical opportunities for our people. I’ve focused hard on delivering and improving core services and infrastructure.

Our district is going through massive growth and change, and the issues we face are complex. We need strong and experienced leadership to make sure growth is managed well so everyone benefits.

Thank you for your support.


My principal place of residence is in the Waikato District Council area.

I declare a Climate Emergency, and that Farming is the solution to this emergency through analysing our landscapes and supporting the goal of every farm having 20% of their income from non-animal-protein sources within 5 years, and 50% in 10 years. Diverse food and fibre production systems will sequester carbon to the soil, and make the Waikato a brand recognized around the Pacific Rim and globally for premium products.

I am a fourth generation farmer running 260 hectares of beef and dairy support animals. Additional experience I bring includes engineering in the agriculture, aquaculture, bioplastics, yachting and drone industries, I have worked for Xtreme Zero Waste in materials ecology and electronics recycling, and with DoC in the Chatham Islands.

As a gay man I bring a diverse politic which seeks to integrate global and local views within a social, ecological, scientific and business context to enable the Waikato to thrive.